QSL FUN  Tid-Bits
W4WJJ - Flying Fortress:

QSL Cards are fun to collect and many times there are some great stories that go with them. This page is here to share some of those stories of cards I had the pleasure to print. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
This is a card I put together for Major Worrell who was flying this plane during WWII and was used on a series of 1997 US Postage Stamps called Classic American Aircraft.

 B-17 “Patches” 
The photo was taken 5 August 1944 by a TIME LIFE Photographer in color film.  Most photos then were in BLACK & WHITE. I was PATCHES’ Pilot when all the great Photos were made back in 1944. I flew PATCHES on more Combat Missions than any other B-17.  The last time I flew her was on 14 October 1944 on the third time I hit Cologne, and I hit Cologne five times. That time I got 300 holes in her and she was sent to the Depot and re-skinned.  She finished the WAR and had about 145 Combat Missions to her credit and was flown back to the states on 27 May 1945. - Everett Worrell, Major USAF, Retired

W1MX/100 - MIT Radio Society:

This Special Event station is the oldest operating club in the nation. Celebrating 100 Years of the MIT Radio Society America’s Oldest College Amateur Society Founded April 30TH, 1909

 At four o’clock on Friday afternoon, April 30th, 1909, “fully thirty-five men” gathered for the founding meeting of the MIT Radio Society. The rest, as they say, is history. The MIT Radio Society is America’s oldest college amateur society, and has been in continuous existence since its founding 100 years ago.

The photo on the reverse side shows the station of the MIT Radio Society, then 1XM, in December 1922. It was from this station that 1XM became one of the first amateur callsigns to be heard across the Atlantic just a short year earlier.

Since then, the Society has evolved in ways that its founders probably never could have imagined. Still, the pioneering spirit of these amateurs has carried us through the ages and into a new century of radio. The horizon is bright and we look forward to what the next century will bring!

HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

This card was fun to put together. Mostly because we learned so much about the HAARP station. The qsl card shows 180 phased array antennas. That's right 180 antennas. Each antenna has a 20KW transmitter attached. You do the math... that's 3,600,000 watts. I can't wait to work this station. You can learn more at http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/ 
W1MIV - "The rest of the story..."

We had the honor to reprint a card for Skip Tamm W1MIV. His Dad became a Ham in 1928 at the age of 15 and was 2BAQ. He got the W1MIV call in 1947. Skip is continuing the use of his Dad's original card and callsign. The card was illustrated by Otto Eppers W2EA who was quite famous for his qsl illustrations. Learn more about Otto Eppers at ARRL or Wikipedia .

International Marconi Day - Marconigram & QSL

A project completed for Scotty-WK3N. The Marconigram was from an actual Marconigram from the early 1900's and modified slightly and turned into a writing pad. The QSL cards were for the International Marconi Day Special Event that takes place each year for a 24hr period. You can learn more about IMD at http://g4usb.net/IMD/

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