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13 Colony Special Event Mugs & Mouse Pads

13 Colony Special Event Mugs
13 Colony Ceramic Mug - $15.00
13 Colony Constitution Clean Sweep Mug
13 Colony Constitution Mug
Side B has the 2017 Certificate and is common for for both styles of mugs
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Clean Sweep - 13 Colony Flag Mug
13 Colony Flag Mug
Two styles to choose from and two options within each style.  Your callsign will be added to Side A and to Side B on the Certificate. Side B with the 2017 Certificate is common to all styles.
Email me with any questions.
Be sure to visit the 13 Colony website.  
We had a very successful 2016 and look forward to everyone joining us in 2017
13 Colony Special Event Mouse Pads
Email me with any questions.
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