13 Colony Special Event Mugs
Route 66 On The Air 2020
Be sure to visit the Route 66 Website.  Click HERE for Certificate requests.
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Route 66 Ceramic Mug - $15.00
Side B has the 2020 Certificate. Your callsign and name is also added to the certificate.
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***After checkout please email me your callsign, name to appear on mug, and modes operated. *** 
RT66 Mug - 2020
In addition to your paper certificate from Citrus Belt ARC (Event & Certificate Manager) you can now get your certificate on a dark wood plaque with high gloss finish front. The plaque measures 8" x 10" and is 5/8" thick with holes in the back for mounting on the wall.  These are the same as my FCC and Photo plaques.

After ordering please contact me with your callsign, modes operated, & number of stations you worked. I will email back a proof for your approval.
RT66 On The Air Special Event Certificate Wood Plaque
 PLEASE NOTE: Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club is the Event & Certificate manager. Please do not contact them about the wooden plaques. 
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RT66 On The Air Certificate 
Wood Plaque $19.00
Email me with your callsign 
after purchase.
RT66 Mouse Pad
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Mouse Pad - $15.00
RT66 Road Sign
These aluminum signs measure 8" x 12". There are holes top and bottom to screw onto a post, door, or wall of your shack.
Previous Route 66 On The Air Products
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Sign - $15.00
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Route 66 Ceramic Mug
2016 and 2017 mugs, plaques, and mouse pads can still be ordered. Please visit my previous years 201620172018 , 2019 to view and order 
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